Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Get your mind blown!

So, you love art, but you’ve been told over and over again by your family, your friends, your school teachers, perhaps even your significant other, that you can’t make a living out of it.

Does this sound familiar? If so, prepare to have your MIND BLOWN.

Labour statistics projects there will be over 123 000 new job openings for graphic designers by the year 2020. That is an amazing growth of over 13%! This means tons of exciting new job opportunities for artistically talented people like you.

Graphic design is an exciting, creative, professional field where you can put your passion for art to daily use. Employers of every shape and size need skilled graphic designers to help them communicate with their audience and convince people to take action – whether it is purchasing a product or service, or even joining an important social cause.

You may not know this, but graphic designers actually help influence almost everything you do on a day-to-day basis. From deciding whether or not to buy the shoes, to deciding on what you want for lunch.

It takes more than simply being artistically inclined to become a successful graphic designer. But then there are these questions, “what exactly is graphic design and how do I know that it is the right career for me?”. I have listed some reasons below, to help you decide:
·         You have a passion for communicating with others through powerful, compelling images
Many people can draw pretty pictures, but not everyone can connect with people and cause them to act upon what they saw. A graphic designer’s job is to help clients target specific audiences and “talk” to them directly. You need to know how to strike that chord with the images you create.

You work well with others

Graphic design can be more than just a solo effort. Not only do you have to work with clients and employers, but you may also need to collaborate with art directors, advertising managers, copywriters and other designers. Even if you are freelancing, you need to learn how to take criticism well, meet deadlines and change concepts as your project evolves. So, you are not always going to ride solo.

·      You are not afraid to learn new things

To become a successful graphic designer, our artistic talents will only get you so far. You need to get the graphic design education and training you need to be in demand.

·      You’re business minded

Graphic design entails much more than simply matching colours and choosing “fun” fonts. Especially if you intend to work as a freelancer, you need to learn the business aspects of your job too. This could mean working within a budget, handling invoices or managing multiple clients and tasks at once.

·       How do you get started?

As mentioned above, to become a successful graphic designer you have to have the right training, which means earning a qualification in graphic design, which Prestige Academy can offer you.

At Prestige Academy, we offer an Advanced Certificate in Graphic design.The Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design builds on the Higher Certificate in Desktop Publishing and Computer Art. This programme’s design facets will give you the leading-edge when entering the industry. You will develop an understanding of the skills and techniques needed to step into the shoes of a brand, advertising, packaging or typography designer. Through the use of software and design packages you will become familiar with design aspects including digital graphics, print, pre-press, packaging, drawing, technical, commercial illustration and typography.

Written by: Sami Edmonds

Monday, 17 October 2016

Is there a better way to spend your year?

If you had the opportunity to make a difference, would you take it?

Imagine this scenario, it is that time of the year again when the SRC candidates have to be nominated. You have been approached by 3 parties Mr Kasner, your lecturer, Bianca Finlay, the SRC chairperson and Mauro, a SRC member. Each of them wanting to nominate you, but you are so overwhelmed that you ask for some time to think it over.
You go and spread the word to your friends about your nominations. Half of them tell you not to do it, and the other half encourage you to go for it. So once again you are stuck at a crossroad. Whether to take up the challenge, to try out or give up even before trying. Like any life decision you have to consider what you are getting involved in. This means gathering all the facts from all the sources. There is no better place to start than with the people who nominated you.

Mr Kasner says,” Well I chose to nominate you because I can see that you are a hard worker and always go above and beyond with your work. I feel that such a trait is desperately needed on the SRC.” Next on your list is Bianca. She tells me, “My reason for nominating you is that I see a little of myself in you. You are someone who is focused and makes sure your work is always done. Not only that, you look out for others and care for their well-being. People of your kind are crucially needed on the SRC. Besides the SRC is more than just a group of people that work together, they are more than a mere team, more than simple friends, they are a family. But I will give it to you straight, working with your family can be difficult. Not only that, but SRC duties take up at least 70% of your life. This saying that the 70% can be loads and loads of fun, but fun can only e had after all the hard work is done. And believe me, there is a ton of work that needs to be done. Trust me that there is honestly no better feeling than knowing you were able to make a difference. Even if it is just with one person. This is something I hope you experience if you become a SRC member.”

And now for your final stop, Mauro. Although your Q&A session with Mauro is slightly different from all the others. Mauro heard that you went around asking whether or not you should take the nominators up on their offer or not to, and why they nominated you. So he leaves you with one simple question, “How do you want to spend your next year at Prestige Academy?”

That single question opens up a Pandora’s Box worth of questions and scenario’s that are continuously playing out in your head. Taking up the nomination and making it into the SRC could mean that you are finally able to receive the recognition you deserve, but also remembering what Bianca mentioned, “Most of the time the SRC do not get credit for their hard work, because no one sees the behind the scenes work, so if you are in it for the glory you need to be looking elsewhere.” On the other hand, if you are willing to give up your free time to maybe help a student or two with their problems which may or may not affect the outcome of their lives.

Now that you have a little insight about what it means to be a SRC. Are you ready to take up the challenge and hold a position that most see as a privilege?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

What is 3D Animation?

What is 3D Animation?

The world of 3D Animation is rapidly growing industry. Animation may be defined as the process by which the illusion of motion is created through a speedy sequence of static images.
An animated scene starts with one picture, which is referred to a frame. The next frame is a picture that is slightly advanced a few milliseconds in time. After hundreds or thousands of these frames are flashed on a screen in rapid succession, they give the illusion of a moving picture.
What Does a 3D Animator Do?

A career in 3D animation involves creating 3D moving images using computer software. These images are made with the use of digital models. After the models have been created, details are added, e.g., hair, clothing, skin...
3D Animators create various animation. Some animators create long feature movies. Others create shorter animations, like short sketches, which can be used for advertisements or website animations. Some 3D animators specialise in creating animations for video games, and others create special effects for live action motion pictures.
What are the Education Requirements for a Career in 3D Animation?

3D animation is a technical career that requires specialised knowledge. Because of this, individuals looking to break into a career in 3D animation usually need to complete at a BA Degree in 3D Animation, which Prestige Academy can offer you.
What Can I do With a Degree in 3D Animation?

Students who have earned degrees in 3D animation are sometimes hired by large animation studios. These studios may create feature length movies or short animated scenes, which can be used for advertising or website design.
Individuals interested in a career in 3D animation may also want to consider aiding in the creation of video games. This rapidly growing industry uses 3D animation in order to create graphics and moving images while creating console or computer video games.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Why study Marketing at Prestige Academy?

A degree in Marketing does not have to be solely based on just the one subject. The availability of joint honours at Prestige Academy, allows a student to develop marketing skills which clearly has benefits when it comes to businesses. The reality of a Marketing degree is that it is open-ended, and you can therefore tailor your career to what you are passionate about.
Marketing is a diverse field to work in. Your role as a marketing specialist can fall within several remits, whether it is data based research and analysis of consumer behaviour, or the more interactive task of selling and promoting a service or product to another. This provides a career in which personal preference is catered for, as for those who relish the challenge of networking and creating business relationships will be sure to thrive, and those who prefer a more behind the scenes role in the marketing process will be satisfied with data handling.
Despite the stereotype of marketing belonging in the competitive world of big business, there are many marketing roles on career-paths less trodden. For example, you could easily use your marketing skills in the third sector. Charities need to be marketed just as much as, If not more than, businesses. Marketing does anything but confine your career prospects.
As long as the concept of an economy exists, and as long as businesses within that economy exists, marketing is always going to be in demand. The marketing role in a business is such a vital component. It is the method by which a service’s quality and usefulness is transmitted to potential customers, and is therefore an indispensable to the business machine. A degree in marketing, especially from a top Private Higher Tertiary institution such as Prestige Academy, will provide you with the skills set which has no use-by date. 

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Thursday, 29 September 2016


Terms & Conditions

The above mentioned Facebook competition We are giving away 6 x tickets to the Karlien van Jaarsveld concert on Sunday, the 2nd of October at Hillcrest Quarry in association with Cream Event Library. is run and organised by Prestige Academy whose registered offices are respectively in Centurion and Bellville (Cape Town), South Africa.

The competition rules are as follow, one person can't win ALL 6 tickets. It will either be 2 tickets per winner (3 winners), or one person per winner, in other words, 6 tickets for 6 people.

There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.

Closing date and time is Thursday 29 September 2016 at 4pm. After this date no further entries will be considered eligible for any of the above stated prize.

The competition is open to South African citizens, able to present a valid South African Identity Document or Passport upon the handing over of the prize. Winners must be able to personally collect their prize at Prestige Academy, Bellville.

The organizers reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition at any time and any such changes will be notified to entrants via the Prestige Academy Facebook page and on Twitter via @Prestige_CT as well as Instragram via prestigeacademy_ct as soon as reasonably possible.

Only entrants who has respectively followed @Prestige_CT on Twitter or who have liked the Prestige Academy/CAPA Facebook page, will be considered for prizes.

Entrants are invited to only answer the questions being asked weekly on Facebook. Entrant are allowed to answer as many times as they want.

Images or posts that are re-tweeted using @Prestige_CT as well as images that are posted on the Prestige Academy Facebook page will separately be considered for prizes.
The organizers shall not accept any responsibility for entries not received for whatever reason.

Winner shall be selected at the discretion of a panel of judges, made up by representatives of the Prestige Academy Marketing Team. The judges’ decision is final and binding and cannot be appealed or reviewed in any fashion whatsoever. No correspondence shall be entered into.

The winner will be announced on the Prestige Academy Facebook page on Thursday 29 September 2016 at 16:10.

The organizer will not use the winners’ details for promotions or sell it to third parties.
Should the competition prizes refer to above for any reason whatsoever become unavailable, the organizer my award similar prizes in value.

Prizes cannot be transferred and may not be exchanged for cash.

The organizer will contact the respective winners and co-ordinate a suitable date and time for their prize to be collected at Prestige Academy, Bellville. If a winner cannot be contacted or do not claim their prize within 14 days of notification, the organizer reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and select a replacement winner.

The organizer reserves the right to remove any most entered for this competition for any reason whatsoever and or block and/report any offensive tweet. Abusive and derogatory language including offensive images or content shall not be allowed and such content will be removed, blocked and reported and shall not be considered a valid entry.

This competition and the stated terms and condition will be governed by South African law and any disputes will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Why study IT at Prestige?


The new hype word in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) world, Virtualization. But what does it mean and why the hype?

In computing, virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including virtual computer hardware platforms, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources.

The technology has been around since about the 1960’s but has really started sparking the interest of IT Specialists lately. Largely due to the growing IT industry and the broadening f the meaning of the word.
Today, Cloud Technology is found in almost all spectrums of technology. From Computer technology to mobile devices and also all day appliances.

There are three spectrum's of IT where Virtualization (Cloud implementation) is making head-roads:

Network Virtualization, Server Virtualization and Storage Virtualization.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization (NV) is using network resources through a logical segmentation of a single physical network. Network virtualization is achieved by installing software and services to manage the sharing of storage, computing cycles and applications. Network virtualization treats all servers and services in the network as a single pool of resources that can be accessed without regard for its physical components. The term network virtualization is often used to describe many things including network management, storage virtualization, and even grid computing. (Vangie beal)

Server Virtualization

Basically what we have is a splitting or partitioning of an actual server into smaller servers. These smaller servers are virtual servers and help to increase and even maximise your server resources. The resources of the server itself is masked (hidden) from users and software is used to divide the physical server into multiple “virtual” or “private” servers.

Storage Virtualization

Storage Virtualization is where many different network storage devices are used, to create a combine or amalgamated single storage unit, or at least created to appear as one. This is usually done through software apps and often in Storage area networks (SAN), which can be defined as a sub-network of shared storage devices. This makes things like back-up and recovery and even archiving easier and faster.

What happens at Prestige Academy

At Prestige Academy, we have a focus on Information Technology Network Integration Specialist.
Our first year focuses on CompTia’s A+ computer hardware management and operating systems, Network plus (CWNA) and Project plus, among others.

In the second year we turn our focus to the Microsoft curriculum, which includes private cloud implementation.

So whether you’re looking to go into IT Project Management, Network Administration or Virtualization and cloud technology, Prestige Academy should already be high on your priority list.

We look forward to talking to you and making your virtual reality a reality in IT.

Exam times – What am I even doing?

As I do my rounds on campus, getting my morning coffee at Munchies or simply running down to the Business Faculty to ask Mr.Mullins something, I hear the nervous jitters of the upcoming exams and all the assignments that are due before the exams start.

Every single one of you want to excel in the exams and do your best, but sometimes there is no motivation, you don’t know where to start, or what you are even doing (I have daily weird pep talks to myself on what am I even doing at the moment).

Do not worry, Sam to the rescue. I made a list of main tips that helped me while I was studying, various tips come out of some of my favorite blogs I read daily.


Staying up late at night watching series (we are all guilty of this, I mean one episode is just not enough), goofing off or drinking might be fun at the time, but leads to excessive tiredness during class. It is very difficult to be enthusiastic if you are dead tired or sitting in class with one huge hangover. Life is all about balance, you can have fun, and you can study, just pick a time and stick to it.


This is one of the worst things anyone can say to a student – be more organised, but I can promise you one thing, from learning the hard way, it helps to be organised. It is an inevitable step towards a successful graduation. Time management, organise your study place, effective filing and keeping track of all lectures and exams to attend are only a few ways to make your life a bit easier and organised.


So let’s be honest here, being a student, living on your own, not having someone to pick up after you – it can get messy sometimes (or let's say most of the times). I learnt that when all my stuff was thrown all over the place I couldn’t find all the things I needed. This makes you lose track of what you should be doing.


This use to be my way of studying and memorizing things, if you need to memorize a bunch of things (being it formulas or a whole lot of historical dates), write them down immediately on a piece of paper. Now you can focus on using them instead of trying to remember them. Take it from someone who had Art History as a main subject, writing it down is the best way!


When you get your exam/test timetables, deadlines, meetings, even study groups. Pencil it in! Being able to open your planner and see what is due, is much better than going through a stack of paper. I barely leave the office without my little blue planner and everything is written in there, even the gym classes I need to attend. This just helps you to get a better overview and idea of when your busy days and weeks will be. 


Not all final exams and tests are weighted the same, yet they are all important. Find out from your lecturer what percentage of your paper is going towards your grade. This will give you perspective on how much time you should invest in each subject.


Each and every one of us has a different studying style. Take myself for instance, I love drawing and colorful things, which makes me a visual learner. I would sketch out scenarios and mind map literally every paragraph of my handbook. That’s just me. You also get students that are better listeners. They hear it once and it is imprinted on their brain. Find out what works for you, and do it. This can be anything, sticky notes with facts on your laptop, listening to recordings of lectures while you are eating breakfast. Anything goes.


Write down exactly what you have to do. Tally up your total study hours and estimate how much time you will need to spend studying on each subject. Tackle the most unfamiliar subject while you are still fresh, save the material you know best, for last. The most important thing is, work steadily, put away your phone (try to go without Instagram, Facebook and twitter for a few hours), and take frequent 5 to 10 minute breaks (no power naps in-between). Move around to prevent you from getting tired.


I know getting up early in the mornings can be hard, I am not a morning person at all, trust me. Wake up a half hour earlier, make some coffee, and just spend that time reading from your text book. It won’t create a huge impact on your schedule, yet over the entire term it will boost your understanding on that specific subject.

Here are some more of my personal tips:
  •  Use flashcards
  •  Use visual cues, such as drawing diagrams and putting them on the wall. You don’t have to be a creative in order to do this. You can even copy the images out of the textbook and stick it to the wall.
  • Try and get hold of the past exams to get a feel what is required from you and see how you can cope with previous paper
  • Read the same points from in different sources. The same information can be written down in many places. Read your own notes, the way you understand it.

I truly hope you can learn from this and that it can help you during these end of the year exams. The main thing is just to prioritize, put enough time aside for each subject and get enough sleep. Each and every one of you will own this exams.

And look on the bright side. It’s nearly time for summer holiday!!! Which you can tell I am really excited about.

Best of luck in your exams. Just remember, we are here to help if you get stuck. We are one big family at Prestige Academy, and we help where we can.